the truth about toddlers

In this RIE-inspired parenting group, we will explore how to be with toddlers and with ourselves at this moment that is so fierce, so tender, and so vulnerable. 

You will learn:

  • How to support secure attachment with your child
  • How to trust your child to show you what s/he needs
  • How to understand what your child is communicating
  • How to offer meaningful choices
  • How to manage conflicts
  • How to make parenting easier and more enjoyable

And we will have time to explore the day-to-day challenges of eating; sleeping; toilet learning; saying “NO!”; sharing (and not sharing); fighting, biting and tantrums; goodbyes and other transitions; and more.

Observe more, do less. Do less, enjoy more.

We will meet in my office in SE Portland. The group can hold 4-8 adults. Childcare is not available.

What I bring to this work: 

As a new parent, I was fortunate to be able to take a RIE class with its founder, Magda Gerber.  As a therapist, I’ve found my passion in exploring early attachment. Together, we can share our experiences in a warm nonjudgmental setting while gaining perspective on what parenting means to each of us—and how to parent from that place.

For any questions, please call me at (503) 957-1636, or email me at 

"Under the right conditions, toddlers are enjoyable and fascinating people."


THIS GROUP IS ON HIATUS UNTIL SPRING 2020: groups are forming now! Don't wait--call to reserve your spot in the alternate Wednesdays 6-7:30pm group.