newborn behavioral observations

A baby can teach us about him/herself through the Newborn Behavioral Observations because the NBO gives the baby a voice. It allows us to hear the baby answer when we ask “who are you? how would you like me to care for you? to be with you?”, and to see the baby’s personhood in the process of development. In this way, the baby is at the heart of the NBO relationship-based approach. And parents who are themselves so open and so vulnerable at this stage have the chance to see the baby as him/herself, to learn to know their baby in all his/her uniqueness. And at the same time, parents have permission to become real parents who are good enough. It is deeply humanizing for all present. 

I am becoming a certified NBO provider--in the process of certification, I'm offering NBO sessions for free on Fridays to families with babies three month old and younger. Please call or email me if you'd like to take this opportunity to deepen your connection.