mindful play for babies: a RIE inspired group for babies and their families

a group for babies and their caregivers

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Wondering how to balance your needs and the needs of your baby?
  • Feeling confused as your relationships shift and change—including your relationship to yourself?
  • Feeling uncertain about how to support your baby’s growth?

Find support and community as you embark on this journey with your baby.  Learn to find answers within rather being overwhelmed by advice from outside. Create your own path with confidence as you parent your unique child. 

  • slow down
  • observe
  • trust
  • feel confident
  • enjoy your child!

This group is for babies from birth to crawling and one or more of their primary caregivers. Whether you are a mother, a father, a grandparent, a nanny, or another special person in a baby's life, you are welcome here! Each week, we will spend time together in quiet observation and supportive conversation, learning to observe without judgement. Babies are offered opportunities to become attuned to self and others from an early age. And whether this is your first baby or your fifth, this group will allow you to become aware of your own experience as you discover what it means to you to parent this child. Together, we learn to trust our babies to tell us what they need, and to trust ourselves to respond authentically as we grow together.

THIS GROUP IS ON HIATUS UNTIL SPRING 2020--please contact me if you're interested in being added to the list.