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  • a poem for the spring equinox

    Sometimes, for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest, the winter can seem long, unending, the spring so far away--even now, when night and day are the same, and we know more light is coming. This poem speaks to the longing for the light and the warmth and the spring.

    Winter Road Trip

    by L.L. Barkat

    The road is long as I travel south
    and the sun is low in the white sky.
    Last night I woke to a great silence,
    in a house that is anything but silent
    by day. Old pines keep watch
    over that dwelling, and the moon
    keeps watch, and I wish
    for this kind of watching,
    but my bedroom in the town where I live
    looks out over streetlights and the sounds
    of cars and sometimes sirens. In my room,
    the roads seem short, and I wonder
    if tonight I will dream of the long road
    home, and how the sun bathed the trees
    in gold, and how the sumacs leaned with flowers
    the color of some wine whose name
    I can’t remember, near the trees whose names
    I’ve never known, now strung with long red necklaces.