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  • a vision about the world

    There's a blog I like to read sometimes, called Posie Gets Cozy, written by a woman who lives here in Portland. She writes about very ordinary things, like breakfast and adoption and moonrise. And in 2006, she wrote a beautiful post about an accident she was in. She had been badly hurt--terribly hurt--and so she spent a long time in the hospital, shocked, frightened, recovering, recuperating, trying to heal. The accident changed her life. It changed her husband's life, too--he went from being a geologist to becoming and being a nurse. And it changed the way she saw the world.

    I had a vision about the world when I was there [in the hospital]. It came to me one night as if a little door opened and I looked through and eavesdropped on the truth. I saw that the world was constantly falling apart, it was always in a state of little things always falling apart, and then there were these brigades of individual human angels, with kind eyes, apples and stitches, repairing, fixing, mending, patting, bandaging the wounds of the world, and putting it back together, piece by tiny piece.

    I have also been graced by moments of pain and wonder and hope and grief--I think we all have, if we pay attention. They have changed my life. They have changed the way I see the world. And they have encouraged me to try to see through kind eyes, knowing that there are so many others who are also trying. 

    In a few days, her accident will have happened 21 years ago. You can read the full post about it here. Or you can read any other part of her blog. It's all very ordinary and very human.