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  • mindfulness resources for winter

    Winter can be a hard time for people. The combination of high expectations around the winter holidays, and the shorter darker days of winter can be hard, can leave us feeling depleted, lacking the resources we need to address the extra challenges of the season. What to do?

    Noticing your own experience with awareness and without judgement can be a support. The New York Times has been running a series on meditation for daily life. This piece, on walking in the rain, is a beautiful example of how we can give ourselves resources without a lot of time or money or effort. It reads in part: 

    Take a deep breath in, savoring the smell of petrichor — the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. As you release the breath, notice any corresponding release of tension you may have been unconsciously holding. 

    There is plenty of rain for us here in the winter of Western Oregon to step into this practice and explore whether or not it can be of use.