getting started


first steps

The first step is to make an appointment. My contact information is listed on my contact page, so that you can call or email me. We will arrange a free consultation. When we meet in person, you can tell me what is bringing you to counseling now, and what it is that you're hoping for. You'll have a chance to see if there's a good fit between us--if it seems like we could work together well.

my philosophy 

I believe that the ability to be with what is is integral to wellness. With deepening awareness and growing integration of your thoughts, feelings and sensations in each moment, life begins to feel richer, and a greater range of choices becomes available.  Therapy can often be helpful during times of transition, stress and loss. It can also help you address patterns within yourself or within your relationships that are unsatisfying to you. And so everyone can benefit from this work, this choice to attend to the self.

My role as a therapist is to wonder with you about your experiences, to offer questions, interpretations, gentle challenges, and supportive insight. Most of all, my task is to attend to you as you discover your authentic self, so that you undertake this journey in company rather than in solitude. I use an integrated combination of approaches to this work, tailoring it to meet you where you are.

therapeutic approach and modalities

  • psychodynamic 
  • attachment oriented
  • somatically attuned
  • mindfulness based
  • emotion focused

I am developing pages on my website to offer more information about each of these approaches.