about me

Over the course of several careers, my work has consistently addressed the relationship of continuity and change over time. As a professor, my work examined the history of the body by exploring the centrality of embodiment in the creation of identity and culture. As a preschool teacher, my work engaged the possibilities of the future as I joined young children and their families in negotiating the ways in which we become members of communities beyond those of our families of origin. Now, as a psychotherapist, I have the opportunity to bring awareness of the present moment to my work with you.


I hold a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Portland State University, where in addition to my core courses, I took classes in interpersonal neurobiology, in storytelling and ritual, and in existential psychology. Major coursework included: counseling relationships, ethics, human growth and development, theories of counseling, and advanced clinical skills. I am also a graduate of the M.E.T.A. Institute, where I completed the Two Year Comprehensive training offered through M.E.T.A, which gave me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of mindfulness, trauma recovery, and experiential work. I completed my graduate internship at the M.E.T.A. Counseling Center, working with both individuals and groups.

Continuing education is an essential and deeply enriching part of my work as a therapist. I regularly participate in trainings, and in case consultation groups. I typically set aside two weeks each year to be out of the office in pursuit of intensive trainings. 

From time to time I serve as an assistant at M.E.T.A. professional trainings, and as an instructor at the graduate level. I am also a registered Circle of Security Parent Group facilitator, and continue to pursue my RIE Parent Group certification.

I am a Licenced Professional Counselor with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists (C4729). I adhere to the Code of Ethics established by the American Association of Counseling and the Oregon Board of Licensed Counselors and Therapists. I am a nationally certified counselor (NCC), and a member of both the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the Oregon Counseling Association (ORCA).


M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Portland State University.

Ph.D. in Early Modern European History, Rutgers University.

B.A. with High Honors in History and English, Swarthmore College.

additional trainings

M.E.T.A. Two-Year Comprehensive Training (with Jon Eisman and Donna Roy)

M.E.T.A. Attachment training (with Donna Roy and Jessica Montgomery)

M.E.T.A. Character Maps training (wih Jessica Montgomery)

Oregon Psychoanalytic Center's Foundations of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy seminar (with Lee Shershow and Kelly Reams)

Postpartum Support International's Maternal Mental Health webinar (with Wendy Davis)

MotherWoman's Perinatal Support Group Facilitator training (with Annette Cycon and Liz Friedman)

Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) Foundations training (with Ruth Anne Hammond)

Circle of Security Intensive training (with Bert Powell)

Circle of Security Core Sensitivities training (with Kent Hoffman)

Circle of Security Parenting training (with Kent Hoffman)

Wait, Watch and Wonder Parent-Infant Work training (with Mirek Lojkasek)

Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind Interpersonal Neurobiology training (with Bonnie Badenoch)

In Search of Our Strongest Selves: Ego State Therapy from the Inside Out (with Maggie Phillips)

CIMBS: Expanding Efficacy and Effectiveness in Psychotherapy (with Beatriz Winstanley and Albert Sheldon)

Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals training (with Charles Edwards and Jamie Levine-Edwards)