Thank you for visiting my website. Making your way to counseling is a different process for each person. Regardless of the path that brought you to this place, you are welcome here.

I specialize in working with people in transitions around life, livelihood, and loss, and the complex emotions that arise in those moments. I have a deep interest in women's life transitions, including fertility/infertility and pregnancy, postpartum experience, leaving or re-entering the work force, and the empty nest. And I have expertise in meeting people wherever they are on the path of parenting.

I welcome diversity, including all body sizes, ages, races, genders, sexualities, and core beliefs. And while I want to welcome people of all abilities, my current office space is not as accomdating as I would wish: there are stairs leading to the office that you will need to navigate to enter the office itself. 

Deciding to seek support is a courageous step. I look forward to working with you.

  • The images of hinges, doors, and doorways that you see are inspired by Cardea, the Roman goddess of the hinge. She has the power to be fixed and flexible at the same time, to open and to close, to demarcate boundaries and to breach them, to distinguish the sacred and the profane. Her name was invoked by the Romans when they laid out their cities: the north-south axis of the central crossroad was the "cardo," from which we derive the word "cardinal," like the cardinal points of the compass. And so Cardea is invoked whenever we seek to orient ourselves, to move in new directions, to choose with purpose where to go--and to know where we stand.
  • I'm a member of GoodTherapy.org.
  • I'm also affiliated with the Portland Therapy Center. Portland Therapy Center Member